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The Slick-Wick Duo

The Slick-Wick Duo

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The handiest set of tools to live in your home.
Get the most out of your candles by understanding how to maintain and sustain each and every one. Here's what you'll get in this tool kit, a refuel-able lighter and a trimmer.

To operate the lighter, simply point upwards and push up on the release button. Adjust the flame level at the bottom of the lighting according to the + and - symbols. To refill, purchase lighter fluid in butane gas at your local hardware store. Insert the gas tank into the end of the lighter for approx. 10 seconds.

To keep your used candles from debris as well as maintaining a clean burn, use the trimmer to snip up any remaining burnt wick tops. Allow the scoop of the trimmers to pick them up for easy disposal.

Both items are shaped in an elongated design to ease your use into taller vessels.

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