• Step 1

    Find a glass vessel you have laying around the house that you fancy.
    May it be an old mason jar, a singled out water glass, or even a used candle.
    Better yet, reuse one of our original containers if you’ve purchased from us before! We love seeing your candles come full circle!

  • Step 2

    Next, perform small tests to see that it’s appropriate for refills.
    1. Be sure the edges aren’t sharp to touch
    (sand them down if required)
    2. Check that the glassware is durable for high temperature.
    (test with a 2 minute hot water soak and pour)

  • Step 3

    If you’re using an old candle, use a spoon to scrap out as much remaining wax from the vessel as possible, and dispose appropriately.
    Wicks & Co. candles may go into compost, whilst other branded wax should be disposed according to their instructions, check your previous branded packaging for related information.

  • Step 4

    Carefully stuff your vessel with your choice of buffer.
    (we always recommend scrunched recycle paper bits or old newsprint)
    Wrap your vessel carefully and box it for shipping.
    You may also drop it off at one of our pop up store locations and pick up a
    refill on the spot!

  • Step 5

    Contact us below if you’d prefer to send your vessel back.
    Provide us with your next preferred scent, the desired volume if possible
    (or to just fill it up to the brim!)

    For physical drop offs, there’s no need to contact us beforehand, just pop in whenever you fancy, we love seeing all your friendly faces in store!

  • Other points to note

    We do not have a clean up fee, or any service fee for refill preparation. For a candle refill with our original glasses, you may select your desired scent and pick up immediately at our pop up store.
    For a customised refill with your own provided vessel, we will calculate per volume on the day of. Once payment has been cleared, you may choose to pick up in person, or arrange for home delivery.
    Our refill discounts starts from 5% and up! This offer also applies to all other purchases made on the same day! So take full advantage!