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Sig. Room Spray - English Bowthorpe Oak

Sig. Room Spray - English Bowthorpe Oak

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Spritz up your home quickly, easily and without any mess with our Signature Room Spray. It's stain-free, residue-free and alcohol-free. A quick couple of spray will turn your room into your desired oasis. Best of all, it's safe for pets, babies and toddlers to roam around in.
Our spray bottles comes with a twist on lock to ensure additional safety.
We recommend spraying on fabrics such as carpets, curtains, rugs or table runners for a longer-lasting effect.

Notes of bergamot, juniper, sage, nutmeg, clove & patchouli
Think: Bittersweet, earthy and dense, wet, leathery, smoky, classic English weather
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Shake well before use.


This product is vegan & pet-friendly

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