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Signature Room Spray - Lime Basil & Kumquat

Signature Room Spray - Lime Basil & Kumquat

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Easily and quickly freshen up your home with our Signature Room Spray. This alcohol-free, stain-free, and residue-free spray is safe for pets, babies, and toddlers.

With just a few spritzes, your room will become your tranquil oasis. For longer-lasting effects, spray on items like carpets, curtains, rugs, or table runners.

Experience the sharp citrusy kick, refreshing bitter zest, and notes of lemon, pepper, herbaceous basil, and dry pine with our Lime Basil & Kumquat scent.

Don't forget to check out our matching candle. Shake well before use. 200ml. This product is vegan and pet-friendly.

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