Care & Safety

When lighting your candle for the first time,

Allow the wax to melt outwards until the wax pool is spread evenly across the whole surface. This will prevent the candle from tunnelling. Always trim the wick down to approx. 5-6mm before re-lighting your candle. Proper care of wicks will guarantee a more consistent and durable usage.

When maintaining your candle,

Try to keep your candle covered. Use a small dish or cover to prevent dirt from collecting on your candle. Keep the wax pool clean and clear of debris or dust from emerging. If this happens, gently wipe the area clean before re-lighting your candle. Never burn your candle down to the very bottom, consider your candle well burnt and finished at around 5mm from the bottom!

What else?

Our candles are well-made and properly handled. When burned well, whether scented or unscented, will burn well. As for concerns about the safety of fragrance infused wax, our essential oils do not release any toxic chemicals. Our waxes are petroleum free and 100% pure, and we exclusively use lead free cotton wicks only. All of which, whether the thickness, is without aluminium bases. This means every single part of your candle is completely biodegradable.

When positioning your candle in your home or office space,

Always make sure your candle is placed high, out of reach from young children and pets. Remember to leave enough room around your candle, away from other decorative items, especially ones that may contain easily flammable materials such as paper and foil. Use a glass dish if deem necessary.

When leaving your candle,

All candles must be snuffed out. Do not blow at the flame. We recommend you to snuff your candles out after a maximum of 3 hour burning time, or when the wax pool has reached the rim of the container. This ensures that the wax is given a chance to cool down, and for safety reasons, to avoid brewing or drowning of the wick. If you notice the candle’s flame beginning to grow or the wick’s head shaping itself into a mushroom top, this is a reminder from your candle to let them rest. Snuff it out and allow it to completely cool down before handling the glassware.

Every packaged and shipped ordered from will include a Care & Safety card filled with instructions and reminders. If you made your purchase via one of our third parties, kindly request a Care & Safety card from supervising staff. For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us via our socials and or email us at